System Planning, general substation design, control and relay systems design, relay calibration, protective device coordination, system operations and storm recovery.


Mr. Nalley gained experience in distribution systems and substations while working as an engineer at Horry Electric Cooperative for 20 years. He developed system planning studies (Long-Range Work Plans), and several Construction Work Plans. He also was responsible for substation design, construction, and maintenance. Since joining Power Consulting Engineers in 2012, he has obtained additional experience in protection and controls, relay calibration, battery testing and system coordination.

Marlboro Electric Cooperative — Bennettsville, SC

Developed “Long-Range” and Construction Work Plans, modeled the system, forecast load growth, and designed the system to meet projected loading conditions. Coordinated meetings with GFR for RUS approval

Rappahannock Electric Cooperative — Fredericksburg, VA

Changed relay panels for 27 line distance protected breakers on Rappahannock’s 34 kV transmission system. Modeled the system in ASPEN, developed all line-distance settings, installed the panels, function checked and tested.

Horry Electric Cooperative — Conway, SC

Converted nine substations from 12kV to 25 kV. Mr. Nalley was Project Manager, Responsible for planning and operational aspects. Procured equipment (transformers, regulators, reclosers, arrestors, etc.) and scheduled installation. Ensured that all construction activities were completed. Developed switching orders and supervised switching operations.

Storm Resoration — Hurricane Sandy, Ice Storm Feb 2014

Directed the work of up to 10 line crews in restoration of Jersey Central and Baltimore Gas and Electric service area during Hurricane Sandy, and Coastal Electric Cooperative (Walterboro SC) during the ice storm in Feb. of 2014. Responsible for storm assessment, and restoration for an assigned area of the affected system.


Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, The Citadel


Registered Professional Engineer, South Carolina