Generate physical design layout, specifications and contracts for medium and high voltage substations to clients’ specifications utilizing NESC, RUS and IEEE guidelines.


Thirty years of substation design experience.  Primary responsibilities include the design and layout of substations; ETAP Ground Grid Design; steel detailing; material specifications; Erection Bid contract documents; RUS closeouts; evaluating bids (material and labor); approval of manufacturer’s drawing; answering field questions; final inspection and relaying testing. Design jobs range from 230kV to 15kV.

Peace River River Electric Cooperative – Wauchula, FL

Wauchula 69-25kV Ring Bus Substation & 69-25kV Substation

Designed a four breaker ring bus, two transformer substation inside one green site. The 69kV ring bus was added to an existing Duke Energy transmission line that included a Peace River substation containing eight 25kV feeder bays with one 25kV tie breaker.  Also on this site was a diesel generation backhaul that feeds a Peace River critical main support facility during a storm or planned outage.

South Central Power Company – Lancaster, OH

Lockbourne 138-69kV Transmission Substation & 138-15kV Substation

Designed two substations inside one existing fenced yard. The 138-69kV Transmission Substation contained two incoming transmission lines, two transformers, 69kV tie bus with tie breaker and five transmission exit bays.  Substation was designed to be incorporated into the Owners existing 69kV transmission system on a site that contained an old 138-69kV transmission substation. Also incorporated on the site was a new 138-15kV, one incoming 138kV transmission line, one transformer, four bay 15kV distribution substation that replaced an existing 138-15kV substation on the site.

Union Rural Electric Cooperative – Marysville, OH

Honda R&D 69-15kV Substation

Designed a two transformer, two feeder distribution circuit feeding a ten breaker switchgear building.  The highside included a 69kV tubing tie bus that allowing 69kV automatic line switching.  The station was built in an existing fenced site that contained an had a stand-alone 25-13.2kV substation with 13.2kV switchgear.  The new switchgear and existing were tie together with UG feeders.

Sawnee Electrical Membership Corporation – Cumming, Georgia

25kV switching stations typically with either five or eight lowside positions.  Developed standardized layout and standardized steel design to reduce overall cost.


Middle Georgia College-Architectural Design