Project management, general substation design, contract preparation, materials procurement, control and relay systems design, protective device coordination, and arc flash assessment.


Five years of substation design experience. Primary responsibilities include the design of protection and control, project managent of substation projects, labor and material specifications, contract documents, evaluating bids, approval of manufacturer’s drawings, answering field questions, TCC coordination, final inspection and relaying testing.

Kingston 69-15kV Substation – 03/2018 – South Central Power Company, Lancaster, OH

Mr. McLaughlin was the project manager and lead engineer for the above substation. The station was designed and constructed to include one 15 MVA base transformer bay, with 69kV breaker protection and five 15kV feeder positions, as well as a 69kV line breaker and an expansion bay for a future power transformer. Protection included transformer differential protection and low side bus protection, as well as directional overcurrent protection for the line breaker, all via SEL relays. The scope of the project included budgeting and scheduling, preparing preliminary drawings, writing all contracts and specifications, bidding the project, awarding erection and equipment contracts, performing the final inspection, calibrating all relays, performing functional testing of the protective systems and placing the station in service.  Mr. McLaughlin has completed eight other substations for South Central since 2015.

Fiber Industries 69-15kV Substation –  01/2018 – Pee Dee Electric Cooperative — Darlington, SC

Mr. McLaughlin was the assistant project manager and engineer for the above substation.  Designed four 15MVA transformer substation to feed an existing switchgear feeding an industrial load.  Design included transformer differential protection, neutral grounding protection, line distance protection, and bus differential protection on both the 69 and 15kV bus.  Similar project tasks as Kingston above.

Innovation 230-34.5kV Substation – 09-2019 – Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative, Manassas, VA

Mr. McLaughlin was the lead engineer for the above substation.  Designed protection and control for four new 81 MVA base transformers to feed a new large data center. Design included primary and secondary 230kV bus protection, as well as transformer differential protection and overcurrent protection for 22 34.5kV breakers.  Mr. McLaughlin has been the engineer on nine other substation P&C projects for NOVEC since 2015.


Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, Georgia Instutute of Technology


Passed PE Exam, currently in process of obtaining licence.