PCE can assist our clients in substation design from site development all the way through to complete commissioning.  Due to our ability to work as needed for each client, we can allow the client to assist with the design if they have the knowledge and manpower or PCE can provide a turn key installation.

PCE’s team consists of electrical engineers who start every project with a detailed client kickoff questionnaire that is completed together between the client and PCE. This process of completing the questionnaire leads to training and discussion with clients regarding physical and protection and control options for their substation.  After receiving the answers to their list of questions, the team can better understand the client’s specific needs. The level of detail covered in the questionnaire helps makes the process smooth during the design and construction phase of a substation. PCE will then allocate a dedicated team to the project, who will discuss ideas and concepts and create a set of preliminary drawings that answer the client’s requirements. The client can then review these drawings and give their feedback. Based on the clients response, PCE makes the necessary modifications. PCE uses advanced project management tools to assign and monitor progress of all the internal tasks assignments. This helps streamline the design process and enables the client to review the project’s status at any stage.