Substation battery selection, bolted electrical connections, substation design, materials
procurement, project management, control and relay system design, relay calibration and setting,
protective device coordination, substation cut-in and inspection services.

Mr. Dunahoo worked for Georgia Power Company from 1984 until 1989 and Southern
Engineering Company from 1989 until 1999. Mr. Dunahoo is a Project Manager, over substation
engineering, design, and construction, including recent turn-key substation projects. He is
experienced in substation relaying and protection, including relay calibration & troubleshooting,
high-pot testing of station equipment, substation modifications and upgrades, and co-generation
projects for industrial customers. He has been responsible for the scheduling and preparing of
plans, drawings, and specifications for dozens of substation projects.

Mr. Dunahoo has experience in designing and checking relay panels and troubleshooting relay
circuits. He has experience in the high voltage withstand and impulse testing of underground
cables, cable termination systems, insulators, transformers, and hot-line work equipment.
Additional areas of specilization include: DC battery systems, bolted connections and conductor
ampacity studies.

Titan 138 – 13.2kV Substation – Public Utilities Board, Brownsville, Texas
PUB needed a new dedicated industrial substation to serve a new tire manufacturing plant in
the city of Brownsville, Texas. The station was built for maximum reliability with dual 138 –
12.47kV LTC power transformers. The 138kV bus has four tap positions, two are for a future
on-site generation plant. The others feed two transformers which are configured with automatic
sectionalizing low-voltage breakers in metal-clad switchgear. Basler parallel balancing equipment
and GE microprocessor relays assure continuity of service, even if a transformer fails.

In Mr. Dunahoo’s capacity of Project Engineer for this $1.5 million substation, he was
responsible for all aspects of the design, scheduling, testing and final inspection of this project.
The station will go in service in the Spring of 1999.

Bellevue 115-25kV Substation – Georgia Power Company, Atlanta, GA
Georgia Power Company hired PCE to produce all the control wiring, protective relay system,
and control circuit drawings to modify this 33 year old station. Mr. Dunahoo was responsible
for utilizing Georgia Power Company’s proprietary material ordering, scheduling, and tracking
systems as well as utilizing GPC standard control practices. The engineering work was
completed in December, 1999.

Swords Substation and Wolfskin Substation – Rayle EMC, Washington, GA
These 115-25kV stations are designed with fused 7.5 MVA transformers and three 25kV feeder
circuits. The cooperative hired PCE to procure the land, prepare and obtain RUS approval
on Environmental Reports, Design the stations and coordinate transmission line work with
the Transmission Supply Company. PCE coordinated the Boundary and Topographic survey,
grading design, and geotechnical exploration work. These projects were designed, bid,
scheduled, and tracked by PCE. Mr. Dunahoo was responsible for preparing final drawings,
writing the contract and specifications, biding the projects, awarding the erection contract,
performing the final inspection, and placing the stations in service. The first station was
completed on time and under budget in June 2000. The second is scheduled for completion
in the Spring of 2001. PCE handled the contract closeout process and complete all the RUS
required forms to assist Rayle EMC in obtaining RUS financing for these projects.

Sawnee Electric Membership Corporation – Cumming, Georgia
Mr. Dunahoo has been responsible for designing and managing the construction of more
than fifteen 25kV Switching Stations over the last ten years. On each of the projects, he
was responsible for all aspects of labor and material specification and procurement, project
management, and contract close-out procedures. This very satisfied client continues to put it’s
trust in Mr. Dunahoo for all of it’s substation needs.

B.S. Electrical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
Minor in Industrial Psychology (Ergonomics and Industrial Factors Engineering)

Registered Professional Engineer, Multiple states

Mr. Billy Ussery, Chief Operations Officer,
Sawnee EMC, Cumming, GA (770) 887-2363 x396
Mr. Rich Smith, Director of Electrical Engineering, Operations, & Power Supply,
Public Utilities Board, Brownsville, TX, (956) 983-6203
Mr. David Hartley, V.P. Engineering and Operations,
Oconee EMC, Dudley, GA, (912) 676-3191
Mr. Rene Smith, VP Operations,
Sumter EMC, Americus, GA, (912) 924-4982


General substation design, contract preparation, materials procurement, control and relay
system design, relay calibration and setting, protective device coordination, station cut-in and
inspection services

Mr. Trotter obtained experience in transmission and distribution design while working as a coop
student at Southern Engineering Co. He developed a software package that solves for all criteria
involved in the mechanical design of distribution power lines. Mr. Trotter has also obtained
experience in distribution and transmission field engineering. After taking a full time position at
Southern Engineering in 1991, he obtained experience in substation design.

Mr. Trotter is very knowledgeable in relay panel design, relay setting calculations and
relay testing and calibration. He has experience with electromechanical relays as well as
microprocessor relays and PLC’s. Mr. Trotter performs periodic system-wide, setting calculation,
and relay testing of all substation relays for a number of clients.

Mr. Trotter is a Principal Engineer at Power Consulting Engineers. He is responsible for the
scheduling and preparing of plans, drawings, and specifications for substation projects. He is also
over the field services division of PCE. This department does station commissioning, relay and
battery testing, relay panel replacement or upgrade and troubleshooting.

Collins Creek 115 – 24.94 x 12.47 kV Substation – Horry E.C.I., Conway, SC
Mr. Trotter is the project manager for the 115 – 24.94 x 12.47/7.2 kV substation and coordinated
the project with Horry E.C.I and Santee Cooper (115 kV supplier). The station had a circuit
switcher on the high side, one 28 MVA transformer and six circuits with feeder regulation on
the low side. Microprocessor based overcurrent and differential relays were used to protect the
station. The project included preparing final drawings, writing the contract and specifications,
biding the project, awarding the erection contract, performing the final inspection, calibrating all
relays, performing functional testing of the protective systems and placing the station in service
in October 2012. Mr. Trotter has completed dozens of other Horry ECI stations, ranging in size
from 14MVA to 56MVA, since 1991.

Santee Electric Cooperative, Inc. – Kingstree, SC
Mr. Trotter evaluated all substation relay settings and made recommendations for modifications.
He tested and calibrated all relays in 27 stations while making his recommended changes. He
performed functional tests of the existing protection systems and corrected numerous problems
that would have resulted in mis-operation or no operation of the relay systems.

27 Breaker and Relay Panel Replacement – Rappahannock Electric
Cooperative, Front Royal, VA.
Mr. Trotter was project manager for this breaker and relay panel smart grid replacement project
for 27 line distance panels. The new panels were designed to replace the existing transmission
protection and control panels. The new panels were designed to ease the interface with multiple
other existing substation relay panels. He and his crew did the panel replacement, completed the
intertie wiring with the other hot panels, calculated settings, programmed the relays and fully
function tested each installation.

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
Minor in Computer Engineering

Registered Professional Engineer, multiple states

Mr. Phil Monroe, Manager of Engineering,
Lynches River E.C.I., Pageland, S.C. (843) 675-3270
Mr. Reed Cooper, Engineer
Horry E.C.I., Conway, S.C. (843) 369-6269
Mr. Sam Wilson, Director of Substations
Rappahannock E.C., Fredericksburg, VA (540) 891-5846


Generate physical design layout, specifications and contracts for medium and high voltage
substations to clients’ specifications utilizing NESC, RUS and IEEE guidelines.

Ten years of substation design experience. Primary responsibilities include the design and
layout of substations; steel detailing; material specifications; contract documents; evaluating
bids (material and labor); approval of manufacturer’s drawing; answering field questions; final
inspection and relaying testing.

Georgiana Substation – Alabama Power – Birmingham, Alabama
This project involved the upgrade of an existing 115-44-15kV substation. Replacement of
existing cap & pin insulators with station post; replacement of 600A switches with new 1200A
switches; added Station Class Arresters on load side of 44-15kV transformer; raised 15kV
structure to obtain proper live to personnel clearances and increased phase to phase spacing; new
ground grid; generated Bill of Material for all items.

Northern Virginia Electrical Cooperative – Manassas, Virginia
NOVEC required the steel design and bidding of a three transformer bank, eight feeder positions
with high side “A’” frame and circuit switchers. Total weight of steel was 74,594#.

Black Creek Substation – Coastal EMC – Waltersboro, South Carolina
Design of 115-25kV relayed four feeder bay substation, initially energized at 69-15kV, with three
single phase transformers with provisions for adding one three phase transformer in the future
when station is upgraded to 115kV. Station includes a control house.

Chesterfield Substation – Lynches River ECI – Lancaster, South Carolina
Modifications to an existing 69-15kV substation, including adding a 69kV, S&C model 2020
Circuit Switcher on a constrained site. Also added protective relaying and DC power in an
outdoor cabinet.

Sawnee Electrical Membership Corporation – Cumming, Georgia
New 25kV switching stations typically with either five or eight lowside positions. Developed
standardized layout and standardized steel design to reduce overall cost.

Flaherty Substation – Meade County RECC – Brandenburg, Kentucky
Design layout of a 69-13.2kV, relayed substation with four feeder positions, source side “A”
frame, transformer oil containment pit, and control house.

Bolins Mill Substation – Buckeye RECI – Rio Grande, Ohio
Design layout of a 138-15kV relayed substation with box type four feeder positions, source side
“A” frame, transformer oil containment pit, and control house.

Dumplin Valley Substation – Appalachian EC – Jefferson City, Tennessee
This project consisted of the design layout of a 161-69kV, 69kV ring bus relayed substation with
four 69kV “A” frame feeder positions. Dual 161kv feeds from a TVA station , transformer oil
containment pits, and control house.

Middle Georgia College-Architectural Design


Work Plans and Long Range Plans, Arc Flash Studies, Misc. System Studies and SCADA
system design

Mr. Russell obtained a wide array of experience in power systems while working at Southern
Engineering Co. Mac has assisted dozens of clients with miscellaneous power system
engineering issues. He has also help dozens of clients bid and evaluate SCADA systems and also
helped those clients and others with installation and troubleshooting.

Allvac Coorporation Arc Flash Assessment
Scope — Modeled the Allvac industrial plant using SKM power tools software and performed
short circuit, coordination and arc flash studies Size – 40 distribution transformers, 1800 breakers
and related loads Cost – Role – Project engineer

REMC Arc Flash Asssessment
Scope — Prepare arc hazard analysis for electric distribution system with 14 substations and
1400 mile of line – Role – Project manager

Horry Electric Coopeartive – SCADA System Upgrade
Scope — Prepared specifications, handled bidding and installed an upgrade to a QEI SCADA
system with dual master and 28 substations – Role – Project manager

Oconee EMC Design of Critical Motor System
Scope — Design a 12kV to 4.16kV supply and protective relay system for a critical load at an
industrial plant. Project included a 1500kVA transformer with internal circuit breaker and
custom programming of a Cooper Idea Plus Relay – Role – Project manager
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology – 1971
Registered Professional Engineer, multiple states


System Planning, general substation design, control and relay systems design, relay calibration,
protective device coordination, system operations and storm recovery.

Mr. Nalley gained experience in distribution systems and substations while working as an
engineer at Horry Electric Cooperative for 20 years. He developed system planning studies
(Long-Range Work Plans), and several Construction Work Plans. He also was responsible for
substation design, construction, and maintenance. Since joining Power Consulting Engineers in
2012, he has obtained additional experience in protection and controls, relay calibration, battery
testing and system coordination.

Marlboro Electric Cooperative – Bennettsville, SC
Developed “Long-Range” and Construction Work Plans, modeled the system, forecast load
growth, and designed the system to meet projected loading conditions. Coordinated meetings
with GFR for RUS approval

Rappahannock Electric Cooperative – Fredericksburg, VA
Changed relay panels for 27 line distance protected breakers on Rappahannock’s 34 kV
transmission system. Modeled the system in ASPEN, developed all line-distance settings,
installed the panels, function checked and tested.

Horry Electric Cooperative – Conway, SC
Converted nine substations from 12kV to 25 kV. Mr. Nalley was Project Manager, Responsible
for planning and operational aspects. Procured equipment (transformers, regulators, reclosers,
arrestors, etc.) and scheduled installation. Ensured that all construction activities were
completed. Developed switching orders and supervised switching operations.

Storm Restoration- Hurricane Sandy, Ice Storm Feb 2014
Directed the work of up to 10 line crews in restoration of Jersey Central and Baltimore Gas and
Electric service area during Hurricane Sandy, and Coastal Electric Cooperative (Walterboro SC)
during the ice storm in Feb. of 2014. Responsible for storm assessment, and restoration for an
assigned area of the affected system

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, The Citadel
Registered Professional Engineer, South Carolina

Mr. Troy Coyner, Manager of Engineering,
Marlboro E.C.I. , Bennettsville S.C. (843) 454-2865
Mr. Phil Monroe, Manager of Engineering
Lynches River E.C.I., Pageland, SC (843) 675-3270