SCADA and AMI Fiber Optic System Design

With modern microprocessor relays, SCADA systems have evolved from the older analog and electromechanical systems to fully digital.  PCE can assist our clients with adding all the status and alarm points from new microprocessor relays to their existing SCADA system or completely upgrade the SCADA system using the many digital protocols available. PCE has extensive […]

Work Plans and Long Range Work Plans

PCE has extensive experience in preparing construction work plans and long range planning studies using Milsoft’s Windmill distribution analysis package. A construction work planning study includes preparing an existing system model using information from the utility’s maps, billing records, and wholesale power purchase records. This study locates any potential voltage, load, and fault current issues […]

Arc Flash Studies

To do an appropriate job on an arc flash study, the consultant must have a extensive knowledge of the power system and system protection. PCE has that knowledge at its core. So not only can we perform the arc flash study, we can help with system modifications to improve the arc incident energy for better […]

Sectionalizing and Coordination Studies

PCE also has extensive experience in preparing coordination and sectionalizing studies. Coordination studies are completed using SKM Power Tools and ETAP.  A complete model can be built for the system being modeled. This allows evaluation of equipment ratings based on the fault study and protection coordination. When modifications are required based on analysis, PCE is […]

Distribution Automation and Smart Grid

The grid is getting smarter and smarter, but it is important to know where to automate.  PCE has the expertise in Smart Grid to not only handle all aspects of the design, but also complete the feasibility studies to conclude where to use this technology. Whether it is assistance with smart meters or designing automation […]

Relay and Battery Testing

PCE has many clients for whom we do periodic testing of their relays and batteries. With experience in hundreds of electromechanical and microprocessor relays we are sure to have experience with any relays you have on your system. As part of our relay testing we can calculate the fault current, evaluate the settings and supply […]